West of Scotland Dowsers

WEST OF SCOTLAND DOWSERS Programme 2019/2020

Using our intuition to live healthily!

Dowsing is an innate ability in everyone

Dear Members and Friends,

This is our programme for next year - we look forward to seeing you at our events. Venue - Theosophy House, 17 Queens Crescent, Glasgow (near St George's Cross Underground).

Doors open at 7pm - meetings begin at 7.30pm prompt

Please renew membership at the first meeting or later – it includes free entry to all evening meetings and some reductions on events.

Annual membership fee is £15 / £10 concession. For visitors £3 per meeting.

To receive notification of other occasional events during the year please ensure we have your correct contact details or check for updates here on our website

Membership: Mishka contact

Listed below are Day events and trips followed by Monthly evening meetings. We welcome newcomers to our meeting & friends of members - please show this to your friends.

Renew membership at the first meeting or later – it includes free entry to all evening meetings and some reductions on events. Annual membership fee is £15 and £10 concession. Fee per meeting is £3 for visitors.

To receive notification of other occasional events during the year please ensure we have your correct contact details. or check for updates on our website


Day events and trips Further events to be announced during the year

Saturday 21 September FIELD TRIP – The cup marks on Ballochmyle Cliff River Ayr and more, near Mauchline. Car share. 0141 945 5401

Saturday 5 October LEARN-TO-DOWSE with Pat Toms - What determines the location of key features of the cathedral? 10.00 – 4.00pm. Beginners welcome. £15 (£12 mem). 0141 945 5401

Saturday 2 November LEARN-TO-DOWSE Pollok Park River, trees and ancient earthworks. 10.30 – 4.00pm with Pat Toms Beginners welcome £15 (£12 mem). 0141 945 5401

Sunday 1 December SOCIAL AFTERNOON - Celebrate the year 1.30 – 4.00pm in the TS. Slide show of this year's field trip to Colonsay. Bring a little something to share, your stories to tell and enjoy a get-together with members and friends.

Sat 22 February day workshop – Perception of Colour 10.00am – 4.45pm Malin Starrett & Ian Jordan present experiments to explain their different understandings of the perception of colour. Ian will end the day with a short session considering issues of psychic awareness.

£22 (£20 members). Venue: 17 Queens Crescent. Details 0141 945 5401

Sat 22 March LEARN-TO-DOWSE Using L-rod & pendulum and book study with Joyce Bunton and Pat Toms. £7 (£5 mem). Contact 0141 945 5401

Sat 22-26 May FIELD TRIP to Kilmartin Glen four days. Explore standing stones, cairns, Knights Templar graves and Kilmartin museum. Car share. Stay in Torran Bay Hostel - just for the weekend if you want. Contact Pat Toms or 0141 945 5401.

TAROT & RUNE WORKSHOPS with Mishka throughout the year

Being born into a psychically aware family, Mishka's interest in tools, such as Tarot, Runes, Astrology & Palmistry, developed at an early age. She now shares her personal experiences, theories & understanding with like-minded souls who would like to pursue this area of interest.

For further details contact 07986 706277 or


West of Scotland Dowsers 2018/2019 - Monthly meetings third Wednesday of the month


18 September

Alan Davidson Connecting people and places

People need links to places in their immediate environment to provide a sense of connectedness and well-being. As a Glaswegian who has worked in urban policy, social-economic development and community work, Alan will consider how he sees the world and describe some projects he has been involved in that shape his sense of place.


16 October

Malcolm McQueen Organic thinking

- connecting the dots mindfully Organic philosophy is about growth & change in perception, the organic part tries to mimic nature leaving room for creativity.


20 November

Peter Drysdale Lucid & Astral Dreams and the Auric Layers

of our Ancient Landscape

A talk about achieving lucidity during dream state, exploring astral layers during sleep, experiencing auric layers of local ancient landscapes while awake, and using music and meditation to induce waking awareness of subtle energy layers of ancient and natural places, between landscape and dream world at potent auric places.



15 January

Veronica McBurnie Energy Medicine

Veronica is a local GP with a special interest in energy work and mind body medicine. She will consider what energy medicine is; how mind and body can be energized to gain better health and well-being and the obstacles to doing so, considering singing in particular as she is a passionate singer.


19 February

Chris O'Kane Good God in Heaven!

Oldest extant religious texts are said to be Ancient Egyptian Pyramid Texts found in 5-6th Dynasty tombs. They contain the earliest written notions of death, resurrection, a heavenly kingdom with a father god and a miraculously born son who ultimately becomes "Lord of Heaven". Later this was incorporated into the New Kingdom "Book of the Dead" that may underlie Judaic and Christian stories. Chris argues controversially these astro/religious notions will be visible in night skies in the next few years.


18 March

Karen Campbell The Breath

It is the cure for all ills.



15 April

Sophie Boyd Singing bodies in sounding spaces: Exploring

breath,voice and the embodiment of song.

When we sing, spaces resonate with the sounds of our body. Our body is our instrument, each voice is unique as it is shaped by the physicality of the body. This talk explores how we use our body to create sound and how spaces shape our emotional experience of song. Sophie researches community singing and its impacts on people. She runs a singing group for people with respiratory illness, which forms the heart of her PhD research.



20 May

Discussion: is intuitive awareness experience or belief?

Now most people have no religious affiliation, how can intuitive awareness of oneself and special places be made acceptable, institutionally and in law?

All welcome!

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