West of Scotland Dowsers

WEST OF SCOTLAND DOWSERS Programme 2016/2017

Dear Members and Friends,

Welcome to our programme for next year - we look forward to seeing you at our events. Venue - Theosophy House, 17 Queens Crescent, Glasgow (near St George's Cross Underground).
Doors open at 7pm - meetings begin at 7.30pm prompt

Listed below are Day events and trips followed by Monthly evening meetings. We welcome newcomers to our meeting & friends of members - please show this to your friends.

Renew membership at the first meeting or later – it includes free entry to all evening meetings and some reductions on events. Annual membership fee is £15 and £10 concession. Fee per meeting is £3 for visitors.

To receive notification of other occasional events during the year please ensure we have your correct contact details.

For membership and other details, please contact:
Janette Thomson on 0141 882 2580


Day events and trips Further details and booking contact Pat Toms 0141 945 5401

Saturday 24 September FIELD TRIP to Inchcailloch on Loch Lomond. Cross over on the ferry, sense the highland fault and seek currents from Dumbarton Rock to Clach na Briton crossing the island. Walk the loch side.

Saturday 29 October LEARN-TO-DOWSE with Pat Toms - Dowse around Glasgow Cathedral and Necropolis. Beginners welcome. 10.00 - 4.00pm £15 (£12 membs).

Saturday 19 November First of monthly day field trips to Investigate the Clyde Valley and Environs. Ongoing research to build a picture of subtle influences in the local landscape and how they may be affecting people. Bring your experiences.

Sunday 4 December SOCIAL AFTERNOON - Celebrate the year 1.30 – 4.00pm. There's no charge today, bring a little something to share, stories to tell, accounts of trips (including Orkney) and enjoy a get-together with members and friends.

Sunday 5 February LEARN-TO-DOWSE FIELD TRIP to Pollok Park with Pat Toms. A busy itinerary at the river, in the woods and at the earthworks. Sense geological faults and topographical alignments. Beginners welcome. 10.00 - 4.00pm £15 (£12 membs).

Saturday 4 March FIELD TRIP to Cowal by cars on the ferry - visit ancient and interesting sites.

Sunday 26 March WHIRLWIND TOUR King Arthur's Heart of Britain with Hugh McArthur. Travel in a minibus around the Loch Lomond area and listen to a narration about the places. Walk some sites. 9.15am – 17.30pm £15 (£13 members), limited numbers.

End of April FIELD TRIP TO THE ISLE OF MAN (to miss the TT races) - Investigate ancient sites and much more. Further details in the Spring.

TAROT & RUNE WORKSHOPS with Mishka throughout the year
For further details contact 07986 706277 or


West of Scotland Dowsers 2016/2017 - Monthly meetings third Wednesday of the month

21 September

Open Evening Regarding Intuition & Dowsing

Following last year’s success, we begin with another Open Evening. Come and tell us about a personal experience, share your dowsing techniques or just come along to listen & learn about dowsing.

19 October

Alyson Dunlop Clairsentience

Clairsentience is often the first sense triggered in a haunted location. Using simple techniques to enhance our sensitivities, we can protect ourselves as well as those being helped. Alyson will discuss clairsentience giving detailed examples.

16 November

Grahame Gardner - The Cochno Stone & The Devil's Plantation

In the 1980s, Harry Bell's research into prehistoric alignments of Glasgow inspired many others to follow in his footsteps, culminating recently in a full-scale excavation and laser scan of the Cochno Stone, the largest example of prehistoric rock art in Europe. Grahame will update us on the dig, and share some of his own researches into Glasgow's Secret Geometry, and show May Miles Thomas' award-winning film "The Devil's Plantation".

18 January

Ann Treherne - Using your intuition - to find a body!

Ann, a Psychic Investigator & Chair of The Sir Arthur Conan Doyle Centre, will tell us how she joined Tony Stockwell to assist the police in a search for the body in one of their more famous cold cases and how the presence of the deceased murderer came to her attention - in the middle of a public demonstration of mediumship!

15 February

Sharon Byrne - Body Awareness in Integrative Psychology

As an Integrative Psychologist Sharon has a keen interest in the integration of eastern philosophy and contemporary psychology.

15 March

Pat Toms – Being Alive in a Specific World

Pat will consider intuitive experience of the form of things, its underlying duality, and some consequences of acting and making things specifically without sensing place.

19 April

Dai & Jenny Vaughan Angkor Wat (Temple City), Cambodia

Initially built as a Hindu Temple in the first half of the 12th Century, Angkor Wat then became a Buddhist Temple. Following their visit at the end of 2016 to the largest religious building in the world, Dai & Jenny will use dowsing, drawings and photographs to illustrate tonight's talk.

17 May

Mishka - Crystals, Colours, Shapes & Shades

Through her own insights & intuition in using them as divination tools to help & heal others, as well as herself. Mishka will discuss her understanding of the above in the hope that it may help & inspire you to make use of them.

Dowsing is an innate ability in everyone.
All welcome!

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