West of Scotland Dowsers

WEST OF SCOTLAND DOWSERS Programme 2018/2019

Dear Members and Friends,

This is our programme for next year - we look forward to seeing you at our events. Venue - Theosophy House, 17 Queens Crescent, Glasgow (near St George's Cross Underground).
Doors open at 7pm - meetings begin at 7.30pm prompt

Please renew membership at the first meeting or later – it includes free entry to all evening meetings and some reductions on events.

Annual membership fee is £15 / £10 concession. For visitors £3 per meeting.

To receive notification of other occasional events during the year please ensure we have your correct contact details or check for updates here on our website
Membership: Mishka contact

Listed below are Day events and trips followed by Monthly evening meetings. We welcome newcomers to our meeting & friends of members - please show this to your friends.

Renew membership at the first meeting or later – it includes free entry to all evening meetings and some reductions on events. Annual membership fee is £15 and £10 concession. Fee per meeting is £3 for visitors.

To receive notification of other occasional events during the year please ensure we have your correct contact details. or check for updates on our website

Day events and trips Further events to be announced during the year

Saturday 15 September GLASGOW OPEN DOORS Visit and dowse two churches, consider the location of their sacred places, how they 'work'. Contact Pat Toms 0141 945 5401.

Saturday 29 September FIELD TRIP to Glen Lyon- near Loch Tay. Exploration, car share. Further details Damien Flynn or 07748 038958

Saturday 20 October LEARN-TO-DOWSE with Pat Toms - around Glasgow Cathedral and Necropolis 10.00 – 4.00pm. Beginners welcome. £15 (£12 mem). 0141 945 5401

Saturday 24 November LEARN-TO-DOWSE Using L-rod & pendulum with Pat Toms. First of three half day sessions. Introduction to intuitive assessment of food quality, geopathic stress and a look at the society's books. £7 (£5 mem). Contact 0141 945 5401

Sunday 2 December SOCIAL AFTERNOON - Celebrate the year 1.30 – 4.00pm in the TS. Bring a little something to share, stories to tell and enjoy a get-together with members and friends. Slide shows: the field trip to Cornwall and ancient sites.

Sunday 24 March FIELD TRIP to Old Wives Lift Craigmaddie Muir, car share. Further details Damien Flynn or 07748 038958

Friday April 26 – 3 May FIELD TRIP to Colonsay - A week investigating the island, beaches, ancient sites and much more. Self catering accommodation, car share. Further details from Pat Toms or 0141 945 5401.

Saturday June 1 & 2 FIELD TRIP to Kilmartin Glen. . Explore standing stones, cairns, Knights Templar graves and Kilmartin museum. Feel the landscape, see what it has to share with us. Come for the day or stay over at Torran Bay Hostel for a second day - car share. Contact Joyce Bunton, or 0141 840 2309 / 07939 984 602 to reserve your place.

End June / Beginning July FIELD TRIP to Isle of Lewis The stones of Calanais and much more. Details Damien Flynn or 07748 038958

TAROT & RUNE WORKSHOPS with Mishka throughout the year
Being born into a psychically aware family, Mishka's interest in tools, such as Tarot, Runes, Astrology & Palmistry, developed at an early age. She now shares her personal experiences, theories & understanding with like-minded souls who would like to pursue this area of interest.

For further details contact 07986 706277 or


West of Scotland Dowsers 2018/2019 - Monthly meetings third Wednesday of the month

19 September

Helen McKenzie - Exploring the mind body connection

Helen is a Physiotherapist who specialises in Myofascial Release, Craniosacral and Pilates. Tonight she shares her journey with us.

17 October

Karen Strang Springs and Burns: the Creative Flow

Painter Karen Strang uses her eyes and natural instinct to explore plein air and landscape in central Scotland to retrieve ancient narratives often hidden by centuries of human exploitation. Currently she is examining early witchcraft trials and early industrialisation on the cusp of the Scottish Enlightenment and how wealthy landowners despoiled nature.

21 November

Ian Jordan A sight for sore eyes

"The visual problems an eye test usually ignores" - from tesla to synesthesia, from blindsight to arousal - an interactive presentation - with some humour, challenging behaviour and thought provoking videos.

16 January

Innes Smith The Paranormal

Beliefs versus Experience (and what does it all mean?) ...

20 February

Joyce Bunton The Body's Value as a Dowsing Tool

Joyce is a Transformational Life Coach of over 30 years in the field, and has a background in Spiritual Psychotherapy and is a Master practitioner in several healing therapies. She works locally and internationally facilitating self and assisted healing of body and mind.

20 March

Gabriel Blass Homeopathy and the Vital Force

We will look at the principles of Homeopathy, its energetic foundations and its practical applications. Dr Gabriel Blass is a homeopathic doctor practising in Glasgow. He graduated in Pathology and in Medicine in 1988. Since then he has been exploring the body's fascinating capacity for healing itself. He has also investigated and used Medical Astrology for 30 years.

17 April

Alice Soloman How to lead a happier and healthier life by harnessing the power of your own 'human energy'.

Based on ancient eastern principles, this talk will explain the concept of Qi Energy, how it circulates in the body, and how energy patterns can be passed down through the generations.

15 May

Paul Rodden & Michael Ladwiniec Walking the Cameno de Santiago

Hear the stories and see some pictures of a five week walk along one of the most famous ancient pilgrim trails. Why and how it was done!

Dowsing is an innate ability in everyone.
All welcome!

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